Experiencing God Through Each Other

God and Art

Edge is a multifaceted program that is so individual that the experience cannot be defined in one way; it is uniquely inspiring to each participant. Stephanie shares a bit from one of her last journal entries about her Summer edge experience:

“Through receiving the love of others, I got to see God. My Edge team encouraged me, prayed for me, comforted me and listened to me. There was never a moment when I felt like me absolutely no one saw me. We were all looking outward to see each other. The love of God for me was more real in the Edge program, than many other Christian organizations I’ve seen. The people were genuine and cared about the health of each other. We didn’t not have to eat together throughout the entire week, but we chose to. I can count on one hand the number of meals I’ve eating by myself while I’ve been in Spain. Normally, I would hate constantly being around people and would prefer to each alone, but I never wanted to eat alone. I experienced a nearness of God through the people I was living with in a way I hadn’t experience before and I couldn’t get enough. I could see God’s light in these people which made me want to spend more time with God. It these wonderful people are God’s creation, God must be so much greater than I give Him credit for.”

I love that God and the way He works in our lives is so personal an that He uses people and places and scenarios to speak to us, bring us joy and lead us to grow.

Edge is about seeing God not only in the big or little things, but in all things

The whole earth is full of His glory.

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