El Diseno Through Jerod’s Eyes

El Disno; Altea, Spain
El Disno; Altea, Spain

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Jerod McLaughlin
Tech/Media Consultant & Creative Writer
Tlc International
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As a man breaking down, I retreated to the Spanish coastal city of Altea. I flew across the Atlantic to a place I’d never traveled, to meet people I didn’t know. Peace found me there, and I was introduced to what would be my “sanctuary across the sea”: El Diseño.

A three-story household halfway up the hill to the church overlooking the city, El Diseño was a rest stop for any traveler hiking their way up the long stairway winding through the city. Something shone about this building, as though its location was always visible to the sun. My restless soul found solace, and I felt like a guardian over it.

By the third day of my time in Spain, while in the building with other travelers no less, the ceiling of the first floor collapsed. No one was injured physically, but we all were emotionally. I hadn’t known this place more than three days yet I felt something I could never shake off.

Most of my sleepless nights were spent wandering the city steps sitting in front of this collapsing home. And one night in particular caused a great moment of revelation: this building and its effect on everyone around it, was akin to the state of my soul.

I’m surrounded by loved ones who want to see me restored, who collapse inside when I do. No one is so alone that their pain is suffered on their own. El Diseño is a symbol of community, a symbol of pain, and most importantly a symbol of hope and restoration.

It stands currently in a broken state. But it will rise again as a symbol to the city of Altea that hope is real and community standing together in Christ’s name is the strongest force against entropy and brokenness. Let’s stand together church, and restore what is broken as a testament to Christ’s healing power.

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