Edge 2017 – Love and Legacy

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-8-48-30-pmEdge 2017

This summer we are going to dive into the Heartbeat of God through the personal significance of Love and Legacy. There is the simple truth of how Love comes from God and it is His desire for us to live in that Love.

As God’s creation, we are endowed with an amazing gift – the eternal, unchanging, limitless, ever-renewing, unconditional love of God. This is bestowed on each one of us whether we believe it or not.

But what if you do believe it?

What if you suddenly realize the priceless gift that is held before your eyes?

What if you take that gift and let it live through you?

That’s what God’s gift of love is suppose to do: live through us.

When we realize this free gift of love; when we embrace it, it changes us. It changes how we treat people, how we see the world, how we use our talents.

God’s love changes us.

Edge 2017 is going to be journey from the heart of God and through us to the lives around us. What a treasure we have – what a LEGACY we hold is human hands. What a privilege – not a heavy burden of expectations – but a limitless opportunity to live in love.

Come this summer, live with us in Altea, Spain and write your own story of Love and Legacy!

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