Edgies’ Reflections – Friendships

Edge is about so much!  As Edge digs deep and so many are suddenly thrown out of their comfort zones and can feel untethered. Friendships, within the the group and without are treasures that so many not only take back with them, but rely upon to sustain them through Edge.

One Edge participant takes at the new place God’s Word has in his life.


“A huge thing Edge Project taught me is the importance of spending time in God’s Word. Before going to Edge, I hadn’t realized why you read the Bible; I thought it was simply something that as a Christian you just do. You read the Bible because it roots you in Truth: the truth of who you are, who others are, and who God is. In a world that is so confused and is full of so many contradictory voices, the paradoxical simplicity of the God’s Word could not be more refreshing. It brings life, calms fear, and restores hope. I am happy to report that since Edge, I have kept my Bible at my bedside and leave time to read it when I get up and when I go to bed praying, “Holy Spirit, show me what you have today. Speak to me.”

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