Edgies’ Reflections – Building Relationships

It would be unfair to say that Americans aren’t friendly, but depending on where you live, the extend to which we as neighbors reach out to each other, definitely varies. Living overseas you learn quickly that neighbors are family or at least familiar. That it is common, if not imperative that you make conversation wherever you go.

One Edgie shares her observations:

“One practice that I want to take away from Altea with me is the intentionality of establishing relationships wherever I go. Being here whenever I order food or shop I have communicated with people differently. I ask their name and I thank them for their help and follow up days later and they remember who I am! It’s nice having a sense of community! At my school many students have negative ideas about our town where the university is located. We have a strong sense of community on campus but it does not extend to the surrounding communities. What would it look like if I went to Starbucks and got to know the barista who makes my drink everyday? What would it look like if the local grocery store clerk knew my name since I snipe their every week for food?

Being the aroma of Christ means walking In love and authenticity and seeing people for who they are and not just for the service they provide. And it’s through these deep relationships that we are given the opportunity to receive love and extend it.”

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