Edgies’ Reflections – A New Path

Religion vs. God in Spain

Edge is meant to not only be a challenge by stretching us, but by healing us. So often we carry wounds that we are afraid to reveal in the light of Christ, but that is where healing is found.

One Edgie shares her experience:

“I think that God has started me on a new path. I feel that from LoveWorks and EDGE, God has hit a restart button on my life. Going through EDGE has made me realize the hold the enemy has on my identity and self worth. I think I have gained power over myself through Him instead of believing all of the lies from the enemy. I think that from EDGE and on I have full trust that God will come alone side of me and help me through those situations.”

The response to this revelation in our lives is outreach; we want other to know the Love of God:

“LoveWorks. I want to practice accepting God’s love and then in turn pouring it out onto others for them to fulfill their purpose. I believe that the people of Altea need more hope and more of Christ. The evangelical churches I have visited have been exceptionally small, I would assume that would discourage the people at the church. They need to be encouraged and love. “


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