Edgies’ Reflections

When going abroad for the first time, it’s very easy to compare everything to how it is done at home and assuming your way of doing things is “right.” Without patience and open-mindedness, travel can be very exhausting.

One Edge participant shares her story:

“God has shown me a few areas that need work in my life where I thought I was doing really well. Before this trip I honestly thought that I was a generally patient person. I was quite deceived. After going through LoveWorks I noticed that I can be very impatient. The things we learned in our discipleship class have given me practical examples of how to practice patience. A lot of my pride has also been broken down on this trip. I seeing where I need to improve and am striving for growth.

I have learned how important it is to act constantly in a way that is respectful to the culture and the people. I already knew this, but I was able to see it practically acted out. It was incredible to see how many positive interactions we had and how many lovely comments people made about our group as a whole.”

When we experience another culture, our eyes are open and more importantly, we walk in another’s shoes and learn there is so much beauty in diversity.

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