Edgies’ Reflections – Hannah Sulak

Another purpose of Edge isn’t to create a “mountain top experience,” meaning it isn’t a few week experience that penetrates your life for a time, but ultimately dwindles in its lasting effects. Of course, certain things will fade, but hopefully there are morsels of change that remain.

Edgie Hannah Sulak shares her lasting impressions.

Hannah, how have you seen God moving in you personally during your time here? What specific areas of transformation you’ve undergone; any heart issues He has addressed?

“Christ breathed truth into my own identity during this trip. That I am worthy of being loved, but also that I am worthy of loving others, of speaking beauty over the lives of others and their purpose.”

“I realized I indeed loved people well before the trip, I’ve always loved people. However, to paint it out visually, I was filing others cups by draining my own, and the refilling time and time again instead of loving people out of an overflow of my own cup. I also learned the true identity of my heavenly Father, and that there is a level of intimacy that I don’t need to be afraid of and that I unknowingly had painted a mistrust and doubt upon His plans due to the warped concept of my earthly father figure.

God is so much more than simply a Father, He has motherly characteristics too. And no matter what I could do as a disobedient and clumsy child, He’s going to nurture and coax me into my destiny. I also discovered a true reality of what Christ is calling me to in a romantic relationship. We talked upon the topic of sexual desire during the trip, a topic most of the church sweeps underneath the rug. It was so different to speak upon the fact that it is a thing carefully crafted by God to be beautiful, and that it has been over glorified by society and culture, and distorted into and evil by the church. “

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