Edgies’ Reflections – Hannah Martinez

Edge is about cultural experience. At first visiting a foreign country can cause us to focus on the differences in a negative way by comparing them to what we are used to and consider normal. The beauty of living for an extended period of time elsewhere, is that we begin to appreciate the differences and oftentimes, prefer them.

Hannah Martinez addresses this as she looks back over her summer at Edge.

Hannah, consider all you have learned at Edge during your daily cross-cultural experiences and perhaps describe one of the most significant lessons you have learned about ministering cross-culturally.

“Something I’ve experienced from this new culture has been community. Something that I was asked by our Spaniard friends was if no one greeted other in cafés and shops or in public then how do we make friends? Back in LA we only interact with those we go to work or school with and I’ve noticed that there are so many stories we’re missing out on by not bothering to build reltionships with people out in public.”

Hannah continues by sharing how stepping out of this mentality has enriched her life.

“Up at the Gelato shop in old town I have made friend with Maida and Nahuel. We’re also friends on Facebook now. And every time that I walk into that shop she gets so excited to talk to me and she told me she was touched while watching my baptism video on Facebook. They’re definitely some people I want to stay in contact with because I love having conversations with them and they’re warm presence and I believe that they have felt the same from our edge students.”

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