Edgies’ Reflections – Hadasa Gallor

Art is an expression that moves far deeper than just the eyes; it soothes the spirit and moves the soul. Edge dives into what art, culture and religion can mean to the individual and the community.

Hadasa Gallor shares her experience with Edge art, culture and faith.

Hadasa, describe how you have seen art used for outreach, connecting with others, and in your personal encounters with God during Edge?

“One of the activities I have enjoyed the most this year has been Art for Healing. I love how painting has allowed people to connect to their thoughts, feelings and experiences. I think it’s an activity I would like to do on my own to help me process.”

What are your general perceptions of the spiritual climate in Spain. Think about your conversations with people you have met, your experiences of attending a church, the responses you encountered when ministering, stories from missionaries.

“The spiritual climate in Spain is poor except for the few people who are really in touch with the Holy Spirit and are being shown the way by him. The rest are religious and traditional. I’ve also observed that culture is a weird and interesting thing to me, and I feel somewhat detached from it most of the time. During Edge I learn to be patient, understanding and to not be offended by what people say without knowing.”

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