Edgies’ Reflections – David Pugh, Part 1

Summer 2014 Edgie, David Pugh

Summer 2014 Edgie, David Pugh

Now that EDGE Summer 2014 is over, we want to take the next few weeks to pause and reflect on the lives that were changed through the program. Our first post is by Edgie, David Pugh.

This summer’s EDGE Program has effected me in a number of ways. Firstly through friendship and transformation; I have met many people here and have been effected by them all differently.

Weyman Howard has been a huge blessing in this time. He has stepped into my experience and over the 4 weeks here has helped empower me to believe in myself again and to hope for a life of joy and purpose. Even beyond that, he has become a friend whose company I enjoy and who shares with me his own experiences.

The second notable influence EDGE has had on me is through personal transformation. I came to Altea desperate for at least a spark of enthusiasm or energy that could get me through the next school year. My other hope was that I might get some glimpse of my next step after graduation. During my first few days here a lot was brought to the surface, and I was confronted by my self-perception as a man of isolation and depression.

Living amidst a community of faithful believers, and humble mentors, I was given a new vision of myself as a man of friendship and joy. An ember began to burn in me of hope that God will use the desires of my heart, and that my future, though still unknown to me, is something I can be excited about. My next semester is no longer intimidating and I trust the Lord to lead me toward my next step when the time comes.

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