Edgies’ Reflections – Caroline Gladstone

Edge is about art and culture as seen, experienced and used by Edge. It has become a big part of the Edge Project as art nights at our hub, El Diseno are often a highlight of the whole experience.

Caroline Gladstone describes how she has seen art used for outreach, connecting with others, and in her personal encounters with God during Edge.

Caroline, explain how you might be able to incorporate art into your ministry at home and/or your personal relationship with God?

“Well, one way I have seen the essence of what art is bring life and joy to others is to share with people that everybody is an artist without exception. It’s been cool to have had a couple of conversations with people I’ve given my poetry booklet to about this. People will always come and praise me and say, “Oh you’re so smart!” I appreciate their kindness, but I always want to find a way to turn this around and bring life to them and explain that as humans our purpose is to be creators.”

Every human being is an artist

“Every human being is an artist, and it’s a lie for a person to believe they are not. It’s just a matter of what type of art. For example, my friend “Tia Ana” as I now call her, is a wonderful cook. I got to affirm her and say her purpose is to be a creator too, and she does this through her cooking, for example. So, our purpose as artists and creators is meant to be shared, and we know it’s working when that joy and life spreads from us to other people who in turn share that with other people! Beauty is not meant to remain inside one person, but is meant as a light to be shared to bring life! So that’s the type of conversation I like to have surrounding the topic of art.”

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