Edgies Get Creative

God is bringing together a group of amazingly talented individuals this summer.  We can’t wait to be blessed by your artistic abilities.  It is our desire to watch you grow as artists and to see how the Lord will use the creative talents He has given each one of you for His glory and Kingdom.

This summer Edge will be hosting an art exhibition Friday nights at EL DISEÑO.

Each Edge Project participant begin creating a visual art piece prior to coming to Altea, Spain to show at our first art night. Although the participants are not yet in Spain, we want them to begin preparing themselves not only spiritually, but creatively.

  • Your art piece should reflect or represent our summer theme of LoveWorks. You can interpret this in many different ways to help you find your inspiration – a representation of love in action, an expression of how love has worked in your life, a characteristic of love that you are growing to understand – feel free to explore, interpret, and represent our theme of LoveWorks.

Please pray for our Edgies as they get ready to experience faith, art and culture in a whole new way.



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