Edgie Reflections: Gia-Nina Badaracco

EDGE Program 2014

EDGE Program 2014

Gia-Nina Badaracco, a 2014 summer Edgie shares her experience in Spain and specifically about God’s work in each of our lives. 

Being here in Altea has been incredible. I can see how God desires to move in others through relationships. I must say that the spiritual climate has a looming dark. However, I see God moving in certain world changes. I do see that people tend to close off if you mention too much.

I have had the privilege to meet a Swedish lady named Lucy at the open market. Lucy is a beautiful human being that I can see that God loves. I am actually blown away by how God has already been using and moving in her life. She actually has a huge heart for under-privilege children and wanted to open her own group home. She has opened up to me about her pain and heart for others and I see this friendship being the beginning of something SO significant to the Kingdom of God.

One cultural blunder has been ordering, which is hilarious because I speak Spanish. I have found that I still need to pay more attention to what I’m ordering. This may not seem like a big thing but it has been for me. I have been able to practice patience in a whole new way, especially with the servers. Being that I am from a Latin descent I thought that people would be more open, but it seems that people really need to know you first before sharing themselves. Once I changed expectations of others and adjusted them I found myself free.

I remember praying beforehand that the power of God’s love would touch this place. Also, I was feeling that are serious strongholds here. After being here for almost a month I can see that talking about God is not something people are accustomed to. I am so excited though! I know that God is strategically finding those that are called to lead a revival.

   I met a business owner named Paul, who I was quite draw to and began to seek God asking Him what my purpose was in becoming friends. After a couple weeks we finally had a conversation that blew my mind. He opened up and shared that he used to follow God and was a youth pastor. When I asked why he has walked away he shared that he felt so burdened by the message/gospel. I remember him asking me to look at all the lights of the city, he said; “Gia every light represents families, how can I possibly touch them all?” In that moment I had a vision of him speaking and sharing the gospel like an evangelist in front of thousands of people. When I shared my vision he looked away and said, “You are not the first person to tell me that.”

We continued to talk and he shared that this made him feel very uncomfortable because he moved to Spain not thinking that anyone would find him here. He is running from God like Jonah. I ask that we would pray for him to return to his first Love, Jesus!

This whole story with Paul has been a transformational situation for me. It is a story of not giving up on people, trusting God with people and their hearts, not becoming overwhelmed by their anger or disobedience but ultimately loving each person God guides us to with commitment. I know that he may be one person but he is so incredibly important to God. I know God has revealed to me that his calling is HUGE and what a great blessing to be apart of seeing that come to fruition.

I truly believe that there have been so many people that I have met here that have changed my life and I pray that God has used my love and life to radically change theirs. I look forward to growing here in Spain as I still have about 11days left.

Thank you for giving the Edge Team and me this beautiful opportunity to grow in Love and culture.

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