Edge Is Growing

Edgies in Spain, 2014

Edgies in Spain, 2014

There are so many exciting changes going on with Edge Program! While Summer Edge is when our vision is fleshed out and our initiatives become reality, the school year is when we create not only ideas for the next program, but when we build our team and reach out to perspective Edgies. 



Last week we had our “welcome home” party to reconnect with this summer’s Edgies. We were so happy to have so many of this year’s participants show up to commune together.  While this is a time to reconnect, it serves another purpose: expanding our internship program. Who better to intern with Edge than someone who has experienced it firsthand? 



In fact, our Edge volunteer staff and internship program is growing; we are now up to 10 people total. To utilize all the gifts and abilities of our interns, we are expanding our teams by 3:


Communications Art Team

Hospitality and Universities

Operations and Management


The beauty of Edge in theory is the sharing and mutual appreciation of everyone’s strengths and talents. What’s even better is that we are able to seamlessly accomplish this in practice, not just theory. 


“At Edge we work together and respect each other.

We bring honor to each other’s passions and our expressions of art.” 

                                                                                                  ~Arianna, Edge Director


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