Edge is ART – Part 1

God and Art

God and Art

What is EDGE?

Edge is art.

What is “art” you may ask?

Well we believe that art is any creative expression that conveys an emotion or experience that is valid, outside of its perceived beauty or monetary value; it is an expression, a very personal one.

Art isn’t something that has been part of the Protestant church over the past 500 years or so. In fact art has been taken out of the church for the most part in response to the “abuses” of it within the Catholic Church prior to the Reformation. Instead of a balance of art and God, art and creative spiritual expressions were done away with.

It was a reaction.

This choice within the church has unfortunately alienated many creatively-minded Christ followers who need (not want) an artistic means to express themselves spiritually.

We want to take art back for God.

We believe that when Christ-minded people create something artistically, they do so mirroring God, the Creator.  He was and is and will always be the Artist, so how can He not take joy in our creative efforts. When we create,  we are only doing what we’ve seen our Father do.

Art is a means of spiritual expression and praise, just like worshipping God through song or dance or study or writing. God has created us in diversity, therefore our expressions of gratitude, emotion and worship  are going to be just as varied and diverse as we are.

At Edge we celebrate our differences. We don’t want to corral our Edgies into a group of white-washed copies of one another – we want to honor God through each other and the gifts and abilities He has given us.

Our program and the creative endeavors we undertake, change every year based on the people who join Edge Project. We don’t form our yearly program for you to fit into, instead Edge is flexible and forms around you and your gifts and the many varied opportunities that you experience while in Spain with us.

Considering something new this summer? A new adventure that combines art, culture and God?

Celebrate creative diversity. Celebrate your gifts. Celebrate God’s gifts through you as you experience Edge Project.

photo credit: https://mikesneed.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/why-are-people-afraid-of-the-word-god/

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