Edge – Internship Opportunities

There are many ways to take part in Edge Project.

Did you know you can play a part behind the scenes of Edge as an intern? Edge Project offers internships on both the States-side aspects of the program as well as overseas involvement throughout the summer with varying lengths of time.

Are you looking for an internship for college credit or to broaden your experience in culture, language, spirituality or art? The Edge internship is an excellent way to participate in the international community while taking on responsibilities that will help you grow, all while assisting those who lead Edge.

Internships are based on your abilities, gifts and strengths; the purpose of Edge is to provide opportunities for people to use their strengths to benefit the program and one another. Want to expand and be challenged? We need your vision and willingness to step beyond the edge to bring Edge to a new place


Creative Arts Assistant
Music & Worship
Communications & Media
Adminstrative Assistant
Soul Care Apprentice
Event Coordinator Assistant

Internships not only enrich your life during the program, but will provide you with a foundation of cultural appreciation. This is an attitude of understanding that will enable you to relate to people within your own neighborhood to those whose lives you encounter around the globe.

An internship with Edge means that you will be mentored by those who appreciate your gifts and will provide opportunities for you to use them.

Have more questions? Check out our internship opportunities and consider the step for summer 2017.


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