Edge – Freedom to Use Your Gifts

One thing that Edge emphasizes is our individuality. Edgies learn to embrace the freedom they have in expressing their gifts, abilities, and spirituality.

2016 Edgies put their experiences into their own words what it is like to use their gifts, even while wrestling their the fears and doubts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.43.22 PMscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-8-48-44-pm“I have been continually interacting with God while here is Altea. I feel like God has really reiterated to me my freedom to use my giftings freely in serving him. I don’t necessarily need a specific roadmap or revelations on specific items in my life course. On the contrary, He is faithful to reveal and show me things or draw me to things as I step out in faith and move in the gifts He’s given me. I also have enjoyed being a team member at the Edge Project, but I also have felt from God a growing desire and passion to create and facilitate my own organization or group with a purpose back home, or somewhere around the world. God has really been reiterating the things that I love to do and have giftings for. They can be used anywhere and in any context!” Shawn Thomas

“Like many of the other edgies I came to Altea to learn something; maybe something like being able to sing in front of people. The last thing I expected to learn was the idea that maybe what I think my calling isn’t exactly what God wants me to do. I still love Spain very much, and I love the culture but maybe my time here isn’t quite as soon as I thought it would be. I could be completely wrong, but looking at what this next year holds for me I don’t see any obvious opportunity to be able to come to Spain any time soon. I know that God can change that, and that’s why I’m not too worried about never setting foot again in Spain. God knows the desires of my heart and I know that He hears me. Until then next time I come I can be intentional about praying for the country, it’s people, the missionaries, and especially the many people I have had the opportunity to interact with whether they have been small interactions or have been friendships that I’ve made.”  Debbie Landeros

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