Edgie Reflections – Sharing Across Cultures

Courtesy of BIOLA

Even in America there is a growing suspicion towards the Christian church. There are some who were hurt by the church or experienced doctrine that was harmful. There are other who have been turned off by the blending of politics and religion. Europe has felt this way towards the church for hundreds of years and the wounds run deep.

One Edge participant shares his thoughts on the subject:

“People are generally suspicious of God and don’t think that he is loving– one of the group members we had said to a man in a cafe that we were studying the love of God and he simply responded with: ‘curious!’. What I have observed is that the Spaniards like the way Edgies live, but are unable to connect that with their picture of God. There are those who said that our group ‘lives well’, and they always brought us out free pastries and drinks… they know that we were studying the ‘love of God’, too, which is exciting! We were so blessed by their cafe and those relationships.

He continues by adding,

“People are going to respond to the gospel because of your fullness of life and love more than anything else. ‘Sharing’ about Jesus can only effectively take place after a foundation of love and trust.”

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