Dear EDGE…


Submitted by 2015 Edgie, Tober Corrigan

Dear EDGE,

How are you? Another hot, sunny day I imagine. The weather’s quite fine here. No sea breeze of course. I must admit . . . I think of you often, and not just in moments like this, when I’m consciously reflecting on our time together. Somedays, when I’m sitting at a Starbucks or getting in the car, it hits me with a vibrant blur; I remember what it feels like to be there, with you, without recalling any one particular event or moment we shared together.

Others days, I remember it all too vividly. I see crisp blue waves where there’s only swaying green fields. I see mountains where there’s only hills and soft inclines. I could go on, but we both know what I’m talking about. You’ve had the same sort of letter written to you so many times before.

So I’ll keep it short.

Thank you.

11851260_1040969002580814_1419258528_nThank you for the paths of like-minded young people that crossed because of you introducing us to one another. Thank you that I was taught and mentored by men and women of great faith, and thank you for their willingness to be faithful, once again, in coming to you so as to be with us. Thank you for the infectious laughter that came along beside us whenever we had fellowship. Thank you that tears were shed too, for they were of a purgative nature, for the sake of release and restoration. I’m so thankful for those who took a public stance in their faith and so were dipped in the sea by several pairs of sturdy, loving hands. I’m grateful for those Spaniards who asked us questions, who wanted to know more about us—and you—and who now believe God and Jesus to be more than mere historical concepts or cultural antiquities. I’m thankful that someone’s professed dream was to follow Christ. Thank you for taking us to believers already there, just itching for inspiration from young believers such as ourselves. I’m personally thankful that it was while spending my days with you that a newfound love for the word of God became rooted in my heart, there to stay for all my days.

But, thankfully, you aren’t the end of my journey. Nor are you the beginning of it; you are instead a milestone, a threshold, a mere moment. We pass through you, resulting in changes to our nature and understanding of ourselves only you knew possible. Thank you for granting us that one month’s passage. Maybe we can get together and do it again sometime?

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