Creativity, God and Edge

Art and God

Art and God

Why Edge Project?

In the traditional evangelical churches around the country, the combining of faith and creativity is an oxymoron = two things that don’t go together.

What does creativity have to do with faith?

How is God glorified in our creativity?

How do people see Jesus or the Gospel through our creative expressions?


Many people have grown up in churches that have this kind of narrow view when it comes to using art in our faith, or worse, even put a negative weight on creative expression that it is a distraction from true faith, from what really matters to a dying world.

Obviously, in creating Edge, this is a view we could not stand against any stronger than we do.

When we look at Biblical accounts of people coming to faith or an understanding of God, the experiences are as varied as the people involved. Why?


God didn’t create clones, He created individuals as intricate as He is.


For instance, most pastors refer to the Apostle Paul’s experience on the road to persecuting Christians when he was struck by light and blinded, when talking about spiritual conversions.  God met Him. It was direct, no doubt about it. Paul had a “lightening” conversion experience, but that’s hardly the norm. In fact when it’s taught that all of us should have redefining moments like that with God, it actually discourages most people; If I can’t pinpoint the day I came to faith, is it real in my life??


Now take for example Timothy in the New Testament. When Paul writes to him, he reminds him of his mother and grandmother who raised him in the faith. There was no defining moment; instead of life of growing in God.

Then there’s Dorcas (unfortunate name) and Pricilla and Aquila, who had some idea about God and a desire to know Him more, but they were foggy when it came to the details.  God sent people to meet them where they were and to encourage them in the faith; their faith was bolstered, not crushed.


God meets us where we are. He uses our gifts, our interests, our strengths, our weaknesses to teach us about Him.


As not everyone is a math major and can approach God through means of logic and reason, God meets creatives where they are and through the beauty of art, creativity, whether that be music, painting, writing, photography, anything. If God made you with a creative spirit, He is probably going to reach you and encourage you through those things.



Because they resonate with your heart, and that’s where He wants to meet you.


Edge is a refuge for creatives and adventurers to meet God and meet others.


It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s creative.

It’s Edge



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