Arianna @ BIOLA University

Many of you may not know that while Edge Project culminates to fruition every summer, the lead-up fully consumes the preceding months; Edge may be a three month program, but it’s a 9 month labor of love.

Edge takes shape mostly on university campuses, getting the word out during cultural events, overseas program fairs, Christian outreach fairs, fundraisers, and event nights. One of the most wonderful opportunities given me, as the face of Edge Program, is when I’m able to speak in front of thousands of students where I can freely talk about incorporating Christ and creativity.

This week I had the honor of speaking at BIOLA chapel during the BIOLA Missions Conference. The title of the chapel was “Movement with the Master; Creating Poetry on the Dance Floor of Life.” Click here to see it on BIOLA site.

Being able, no, invited to speak about creativity in a Christian arena is an opportunity that never gets old for me.

For so many years in my faith and time (life) on the mission field, creative expression was not always welcome in Christian venues, so to be able to encourage Christ followers through the gift of creativity, is incredible, if not surreal. I chose to interweave dance, spoken word and storytelling into my talk. I told stories of when I was a dance instructor, sharing the Gospel with people in Germany and other European counties, through my dance shoes out on the dance floor.

I have always been a firm believer in friendship evangelism, which is also a cornerstone of the Edge Project, and I have always used dace, yoga, child birthing assistance and storytelling to share the love of Christ with the world. While living as a missionary in Germany, I taught all types of dance classes, not only as a  means of financial support, but to share the Gospel. I firmly believe that God uses ALL our gifts to be a light in the world; if God has given us gifts, how can they not bless Him when we use them.

I believe that our creativity is a beautiful tool to sharing the Gospel. That is the crux of Edge. Using your creativity, or even just your appreciation of it, to form friendships and then Christ.

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