All is Not Lost

El Diseno

El Diseno

We recently received news, regarding El Diseno, that we will not be compensated by the city for its destruction to fund its renovations. That news has only been compounded this week by the realization that we could lose it forever. It’s become an expensive weight the Edge Project can no longer carry.


To say we don’t want to lose it is an understatement and honestly, it’s so hard to imagine that God has brought us this far only to have it fall through our fingers.

At this point Edge Project most likely does not have the funding to restore it.


But all is not lost!!


We are praying that God will bring an individual or a Christian organization that will purchase and restore El Diseno so that it may continue to be used for God’s work and (ideally) be accessible for the work of Edge to continue.


Yes, it’s just a building, but so often even rocks and mortar can house more than people; El Diseno holds our hearts and fuels so much of who Edge is in the center of Old Altea. Letting go will not be easy.


Right now the prospect is huge. Overwhelming. Humbling. Letting go is even more painful that seeing it in ruins, but we hope valiantly that God will raise up someone, some organization to continue the legacy.

he EDGE Project is not stopping in the face of these obstacles. Our program’s growth hasn’t stopped in the years since El Diseno collapsed, but alongside our yearly summer programs and all the months of university, church and event visits, we are now praying it will not be taken from us.


Please consider how you can help. We truly believe that El Diseno hasn’t reached the end of its history in Altea nor Edge. We are pushing forward and need your help.

      Pray                   Pause                      Act

Thank you so much for your years of devotion to EDGE and we pray that you will continue to be involved in our work in Spain.

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