Advent – The Art of Waiting

My grandmother tells a story of when she was little, her parents received a letter from my great grandmother’s mother-in-law saying that she and her husband were coming for the holidays. Needless to say, my greatgrandmother spent the next week cleaning every nook and cranny of her home so that it would glow to the approval of her nit-picky mother-in-law.

The day she was set to arrive, the family received a package in the mail – when they opened it, they found a framed photo of her in laws; they had a arrived for the holidays!

Advent is a sacred time for many Christians. It takes place in the four weeks prior to Christmas and culminated on the Christmas Day, when Christ is born.

Advent is a time of waiting.

Advent is a time of preparation.

Advent is a time of anticipation.

Advent is not a waiting in fear where you wring your hands, wondering if Christ will inspect your woodwork, making sure the closets are organized; Christmas is a time of hopeful, joyous anticipation.

The last 10 years of Edge feel like a perpetual Advent; the years have been a time of expectation, questions, wonder, trials and joy. The last 10 years of Edge have seen an idea morph into a place where people come together to grow, explore themselves and God and leave changed. Edge has been a gift worth waiting for.

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