A Time to Dance

Just dance

Participants learn swing dancing from Arianna

While we are here to serve, and learn, and teach, and grow, we also have opportunities to play. We have a good, good Father who loves for His children to delight in His blessings. One of these blessings consisted of a night during Edge where we had the chance to learn swing dancing from the one and only, beautiful Arianna!

We gathered on the terrace, put on some tunes, and put on our dancing feet – or at least some of us tried to; the whole time was full of laughter and smiles! We got in a circle, each having a dance partner, and after every dance we would switch partners. We weren’t perfect, but we were definitely having fun as we got to be ourselves and not care how well we were, or weren’t, dancing. We learned a lot and laughed a lot and it paralleled so many parts of our Edge experience.

danceDuring our time at Edge, there are constantly times to dance – but in this type of dance our Partner doesn’t change. If we are willing to accept the invitation to follow, we are lead by the Holy Spirit every step of the way. We can come as we are and be free, because God already knows we aren’t perfect dancers. He helps us to learn new steps, and takes our hands when we do not know which step to take next. God is a consistent dance partner; His rhythm is perfect for every song and season of our lives. He does not falter in holding our hands, as long as we choose to hold His. If we step on His feet, He is quick to forgive, and eagerly invites us to try again with Him. He recognizes the seasons where we have to sit on the side and simply watch others dance; He sits right next to us in them. Then when a new time to dance comes, we can be sure to find Him on the floor with us once again.

And it is true: with God we can be free to dance on the edge; even if we do not yet know where it leads us, we are confident in Who is leading us.


Reflection by Rachel Blaser

Photos by Annabelle Chinchen

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