7 – The Number of Completion

Arianna from Edge

Arianna from Edge

The number 7 is linked to many things in the Bible –  many good things. It is most often referred to as the number of completion, due mostly to the idea that God created the world in 7 days. There are whole studies dealing with the symbolism associated with the number, but I want to focus on the significance of 7 with Edge and her creator, Arianna Caliguiri, in particular.

It was 9 years ago that Arianna and her family first came to Spain,  traveling there like Gypsies wandering in a foreign land, but feeling compelled to remain and convinced God had something for them there. Those days were not easy as they had left a thriving ministry in Germany, drove to Spain, lived out of their van, were broken into and stolen from and left wondering what exactly God had in store for them, if anything.

They were compelled to remain and form Edge from a passion to marry creative expression and faith.

After two years of building its foundation and taking baby steps to bring Edge to fruition,  the ministry was handed completely over to Arianna, who with the help of one of her 4 daughters, has been running it for the last 7 years.

Seven years.

Seven years of victories.

Seven years of defeat.

Seven years with sickness, loneliness.

Seven years of new friendships and opportunities.

Seven years of seeing God move in the good and the bad.

   “This year,” Arianna shares, “we are bursting at the seams! This year we are experiencing so much favor

                          I feel like we are in the Holy of Holies with Edge. I want to listen, be humble and wise as we move forward.”

Edge is fully staffed this year and are having the largest group of Edgies in the program’s history. Arianna has been shown so much favor with universities this year and opportunites for potential support and pending chances to take Edge to the next level.

Also, after all the  heart-break with El Diseno, their precious building that fell victim to water damage, the city of Altea has declared it an historical monument, meaning they may begin receiving help to restore it.

So much is in the works, but as Arianna sits on a plane and crosses the ocean back to where her heart resides, we can only wait with great anticipation for what God has in store for Summer Edge 2015.

Join us over the next few weeks as we spotlight the new Edge staff.



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