3 Weeks Until Spain – Unplug!

As the 2016 Edgies set out in less than 3 weeks, Director Justin shares a few last minutes tips.


Hola!  The countdown has begun!  In less than three weeks, we will see you in Spain!  It’s been incredible to hear how God has faithfully been preparing and providing for each Edge participant in amazing ways.  We look forward to sharing stories and rejoicing together when we meet up on the sunny shores of Spain!

The coming months are certain to be a whirlwind of excitement, preparation, experiences, activity, emotions, and reflection.  We yoare excited to embark on this journey together called Edge Project 2016!

In this email we’ll give you a bit of information that will help you in the area of communication this summer as well as remind you of this week’s Pre-Edge Exercise.


Prepare to Unplug!

As part of your Edge Project experience, you will likely spend a lot more time than you are used to “unplugged” – without internet, cell phone service, moment-by-moment social media interaction, and the “security” of being connected at all times. This week we encourage you to try it out – UNPLUG! Maybe you unplug for an entire day, a series of days, or maybe just during a handful of windows if your life and schedule don’t allow for a total blackout. You may choose to:

  • Leave the house without your phone (yikes!)

  • Shut off message/text reminders and only allow yourself to check your messages at certain times.

  • Go off social media for longer than usual.

  • Logout of Netflix for the entire week.

You may even want to use “unplugging” as a way to help you focus and get some of the things done that you need to accomplish before leaving for Spain – packing, your art project you should bring with you (see Pre-Edge Exercise #2), thank you notes or prayer letters for supporters, etc. Record some of your experiences of unplugging and your thoughts about not being connected all the time while overseas in your journal.

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