3 Things That Define Edge, Part 3: Faith

EDGE Project: Faith

EDGE Project: Faith

EDGE is so many things, but 3 things specifically: ART, CULTURE, FAITH

If you haven’t read our other posts on art and culture, take a look to better grasp who we are, what we are about and what makes our heart beat as an organization.

Christ is Already There

I recently read something profound about missions. So often our perspective about missions is basically “taking Jesus to lost people.” This overlooks something very significant about the power of God – Jesus is already wherever you are going; you are not taking Him anywhere, you are simply called to help people see Him.

This changes everything. We believe, according to scripture, that “The whole earth is filled with His glory,” so the EDGE Project isn’t about taking Christ to Spain, but showing people He’s already there; He’s already working in their lives and always has been.

When we realize that the “burden” of taking Christ to people isn’t ours, it frees us to simply love people to Christ. We allow Him to shine through our friendships, creative abilities, interest in their culture, conversations over meals – we allow Christ to live through us His message.

Journey of Faith

Everyone of us has come to faith through different means. Not all of us have the same story; not everyone in the Bible has the same story. God has revealed His grace to us in very different, specific and intimate ways. Therefore we don’t take a canned version of the Gospel to Spain, we realize that each one of us has a story that God has intricately woven. We at EDGE long to meet people wherever they are in that story; whether their chapters are just being written or whether the story is coming to an end.

Wherever the people of Altea are in their faith, Christ is already there.

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