3 First Hand Account about Edge

Summer EDGEies

Summer EDGEies



While Summer Edge 2015 is full for this year, if you are still considering it for the future, take a look at the personal experience of former Edgies and read for yourself about their highs and lows, challenges and victories. It’s one thing for us to talk about Edge and promote is because we love it, but it’s a completely other experience to hear it from those who have lived it.



David Pugh

“However, the big stories that I can attest to, those regarding seeing God work, are mostly of how he worked in me.The community of people that I lived with was amazing. There was an atmosphere of encouragement which was facilitated by authentic relationships. I truly got to know some of them, and some of them got to know me really well. And though we had the usual personality conflicts, the whole experience led to a lot of affirmation and friendship. It was a small taste of what I imagine the first church, as described in Acts 2, might have been like.”

Hadasa Gallor

“It has been a blessing for me to see Americans marvel at my culture and the closeness and warmth showed by the Spanish people they have encountered. I have also delighted in their intentional search for conversation and friendship in spite of the sometimes intimidating language barrier. Honesty and willingness is essential in reaching Spaniards.”

Gia-Nina Badaracco

“I have had the privilege to meet a Swedish lady named Lucy at the open market. Lucy is a beautiful human being that I can see that God loves. I am actually blown away by how God has already been using and moving in her life. She actually has a huge heart for under-privilege children and wanted to open her own group home. She has opened up to me about her pain and heart for others and I see this friendship being the beginning of something SO significant to the Kingdom of God.”

To read more first-hand accounts from Edgies, visit: http://livingedge.org/category/edgeis-reflections-summer-2014/


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