3 Awesome Internships Through Edge

EDGE Internships

EDGE Internships

Looking for an internship that combines your love of art, culture and God? Edge Program offers 3 distinct internships that can place you either overseas or stateside.

Let’s break it down!

1. The Summer Edge Program

Summer Edge is truly a hands-on-living-in-the-midst-of-it-all experience. Our summer internships are of varying length, but allow you to live in Spain with the locals and experience  international life on all levels. This opportunity will broaden your cultural horizons and challenge you to learn Spanish, mix with the people, make national and international friends, live communally, delve into your personal creative expression and explore your spirituality in a free and loving environment.

Attend the Summer Edge Program as simply a student or incorporate an internship that will help you no matter what direction you plan to head into. Take part in the planning and orchestrating of cultural experiences, help formulate outreaches and cultural and creative outings. Be the driving force behind Edge as much as a participant.

2. State-Side Internship

Learn what it takes to build a grassroots non-profit organization. Join the Edge team stateside and learn what it takes to deal with the logistics of planning the summer program, organizing fund raising events, college and university visits and fairs, social media marketing and everything else that goes into making Edge the incredible experience it is.

Regardless of what your major is or area of interest, the experience gathered through your time with Edge will prepare you for your future. Learn what it takes to start a movement that changes lives – including yours.

3. University Internship

Consider being a part of one of our university internships. We offer 3/6/9 month internships that will grant you college credit, along with providing a great experience. Contact our offices to find out what schools we are contracted with and start earning college credit. Our intern positions are varied and designed to match your abilities and interests. Do you enjoy writing? Marketing? Fund Raising? Networking? Travel? Talk to us today about working with Edge and be a force for creative expression and cultural appreciation.

Contact Edge today. Ask question. Use your gifts. Make a different.

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