Do You Wander?

“Not all who wander are lost”

wanderThere’s something about Edge Project that appeals to the Gypsy heart – the wanderer with a purpose – a purpose not defined or mapped out step by step, but there all the same. Edge Project is full of those who have wandered in search of God and in search of who He made them to be.

Those who wander aren’t lost, because we wander with purpose, we wander to be found. Maybe that sounds like a contradiction, because can something be found, if it hasn’t been lost?

Yes, I would say yes.

We have all had situations in our lives where we find ourselves found – by love, by work, by purpose, by travel. We didn’t feel lost but something “found” us where we were, wandering or not, and made us whole.

Those who wander to Edge are often times in search of something more; what they have experienced in their lives: education, church, friendships and family has left them wanting more. They want more of life. A life of meaning and purpose.

The wanderer doesn’t like structure, rules – not for the sake of rebellion – but because we know enough about ourselves to know we find it hard to function and grow in a controlled environment. Edge Project is the perfect rest stop for the wanderer seeking more. Edge is a spot where wandering hearts meet to talk about life, to express their faith through creative means and conversations. Edge is a platform for making friends and discovering corners of the world where they may just “find” themselves and their divine purpose.

Take a look at what Edge offers. Watch out videos. Read our testimonials. See our art. Meet our friends. Find your place.


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