Edge Project Mission Statement:

Transforming lives by mentoring the next generation in cultural awareness through Art, Faith, and Community.


EDGE Project is an annual summer project in Altea~Alicante, Spain, fueled by intentional, self-directed individuals who cultivate a community-minded lifestyle through service and who value a process of discovery and growth in individuals. Every year we come together to explore Art, Culture and Faith through the lens of a previously-specified theme. We join together in a community work to serve the people and the town of Altea-Alicante, Spain. Our approach is topical and encourages self-propelled exploration. We invite artists, students, professionals, families, and anyone who wants to participate to join us in building a community, producing an art exhibit and embracing a Spanish way of life for three, four or more weeks on the Mediterranean coast. Whether you’re an artist in need of inspiration, a hard-working professional looking for rest, or an astute student looking for an internship, challenge, or summer mission experience, Edge is a place to explore, share, create, and be.


This experience is comprised of three focuses: Art, Culture, and Faith to create a unique community. We ask each participant to choose one focus to maximize their time and shape their cultural experience. The track you select focuses the self-directed portion of your participation and informs the community of the gifts you offer.    An Edge “Cultural Coordinator” will be available to help you navigate your experience. All tracks run simultaneously, and everyone benefits from the other. While we ask each participant to consider choosing a single track to maximize the time and focus within their experience, they can choose more than one and as an integrated focus.

Spiritual Growth and Self Discovery are encouraged in all tracks for the individual experience of faith, while personal mentorship will be developed for each participant.  Transformed lives are the result…

Meet Arianna!

Arianna is the Founder and CEO of Edge Project,             a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to investing in Art, Culture & Faith.                                          She is a Cross-Cultural Philanthropist, passionate about building global respect for God, culture, community, and artistic expressions of faith. Arianna is the Director of Operations for EDGE Project, an annual summer mission in Altea-Alicante, Spain, focused around engaging the community through art, discussion and service. Arianna is passionate about relationships and connecting people with their own unique skills and creative ideas. She enjoys sharing the journey of life with people of diverse cultures. Arianna and her husband Steven have lived in Europe for over 30 years, raising their daughters in Greece, Germany, and Spain.   Together Steven and Arianna founded TLC International, a non-profit charitable organization active in Christian teaching, training, and personal development. When she’s not in Europe, she spends her time in Southern California. She loves to dance, travel, and engage in deep conversations. She enjoys the culinary arts, is a lover of organic food, and enjoys good literature and music.  She also teaches family yoga and swing dance, is a childbirth educator, and speaks four languages.